Similar to painting and creating your own unique artwork, I enjoy using my own photos and adding favorite inspirational quotes.  It’s fun to create your own, unique images.  You can adjust the text, font, style to whatever desired.  You may have certain memories or feelings attached to a certain photograph that either take you back or inspire positive thoughts..  whatever types of photographs you choose, it’s great to be creative and make it your own.
A couple personal creations –
Inspirational Quote – Peace
more peace pic, inspirational quote

A sunrise photo taken while in Florida, on my way to the airport …along with a favorite quote.

 I have always enjoyed sunrise and sunset photography along with other scenic nature images. They work great for almost all kinds of inspirational quotes.


Cahoon Hollow Beach in Wellfleet

Cahoon Hollow Beach in Wellfleet, Cape Cod

Beaches always inspire me, so a favorite place to experiment with different photography for me.  It’s where I feel the most content and at peace.

Some favorite Inspirational quotes from others: 

As you can see from the quote below, the words don’t always need an image, they can just be created on a blank background and kept simple, but for some quotes, an image can help to provide more of a feeling that you’re trying to inspire. It is best to capture moments that you wish to retain or to reflect back on or maybe moments that help to motivate. It is fun to be creative and make your own or to just find and share what others have created.

Inspirational quotesbrightest starsInspirational quotesInspirational Quote

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